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Response Url in Discussion List allitems.aspx built together wrong (query string)


I have a problem, when I use the discussion list rating list.
In the list, when I add the field "respond" to the view and I click on it, I receive a "Bad Request" page.
The problem is, that the url is built together wrong.
IS (ContentTypeId and DiscussionParentID first, questionmark and ampersand set wrong)
http://[SiteUrl]/Lists/Forum/NewForm.aspx&ContentTypeId=0x0107&DiscussionParentID=48?Source=[url encoded view url]
Should (ContentTypeId and DiscussionParentID at the end of query string OR just questionmark first)
http://[SiteUrl]/Lists/Forum/NewForm.aspx?Source=[url encoded view url]&ContentTypeId=0x0107&DiscussionParentID=48
fyi: I am using German language for the Site, so the column name is actually "Antworten" instead of "respond"