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This solution is now available in two versions : 1 including content types, the other applying on the entire farm

SharePoint - SP Forms Designer with content types

This feature allows users to alter the display, edit and new forms associated to lists. This is made by the use of content types that must be deployed to the list.

After having installed the solution, you'll find a new feature at site collection level that you need to activate :


This delivers a set of new content types :


Each content type corresponds to a list (Calendars, issues, custom lists, links). After having associated a content type to a given list like for instance to a custom list :


You'll see a new action in its action menu :


Note that the option only appears if the following conditions are met :

- The relevant content type has been associated to the list
- The connected user has the manage list permission

When you click on that option, you're redirected to an application page that lets you organize forms by dragging fields onto the form area :


- The fields marked in red are mandatory and must be dropped onto the form.
- You can design the display form/edit form and new form separately. You can also use the checkbox to design a form once and apply it on all form types
- You have the possibility to insert 3 section titles
- When clicking on "Reset to defaults", the system will use the standard SharePoint form layout

Once done, you might end-up with that kind of forms :

A new form :


A display form :


SharePoint - SP Forms Designer without content types

It does exactly the same than the other solution with the exception that you don't need to associate content types to lists. The solution applies on the entire farm. This has the following drawbacks :

- you cannot reduce the scope of the solution. If you want to limit it to a certain site collection, consider using the other solution

- the custom code is called for any form call (new/edit/display) no matter whether you really use the functionality or not.

latest updates

- Mandatory fields are now marked with a red asterisk (like the standard)
- Field descriptions are now included in two forms : 1) standard text blocks 2) custom way to display the descriptions. See the two pictures below showing the same screen with both modes :


and the checkbox allowing you to apply either of the modes


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LISpeedyG Mar 25, 2011 at 7:19 PM 
Hi.. I have successfully deployed this solution and is working for NEW list types. However, I am have not able to make this work for existing lists even if I alter the existing content types to the new modifiable types deployed with this solution. Can someone give me some details on whether this will work on existing lists generated prior to this deployment.
Thanks In advance -- Gus

JacobWilson May 6, 2010 at 1:46 PM 
Is there a way to apply this feature to a different (say, existing?) content type if using the content type version? For instance, say I have a content type called "Business Item" and want to modify the New form for it? Or in those cases must the farm-wide version be used?

nmconsulting Mar 3, 2009 at 10:43 PM 
Steps to get this working:

1. install the solution
2. Activate the feature (site collection feature)
3. Edit your list settings to allow management of content types
4. Add the Modifiable Item content type
5. Change new button order and make the Modifiable Item the default content type