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This feature lets you hide/show menu items from the Actions menu associated to every lists. Each list can be configured individually without interfeering with the others.

This feature can be particularly interesting to disable the datasheet mode of one or more lists and is a good alternative to some tedious javascript techniques that make the datasheet view link disappearing while not preventing it totally in case users type the URL directly in the browser.

Here are a few screenshots illustrating the functionality :

Web feature available in the "Site Features" :


After having activated the feature, each list should have an additional link in its settings :


When clicking on that link, list owners are redirected to the following application page :


where they can check/uncheck which items that are to be shown. If you uncheck all the items, the actions menu disappears for the target list.

Here is an example showing a configuration where only the "Alert Me" menu item is available (according to the previous screenshots)


For the datasheet view, if you chose to disable it, it will really be disabled, any user who would try to type the URL directly in the browser would receive an HTTP 403 as illustrated below :


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Sero Nov 13, 2009 at 6:15 PM 
Experiencing the same problem as nasrin, can anyone help?

nasrin Sep 29, 2009 at 6:17 AM 

I activate this feature and action menu is already in my list settings but when i click on the link i recieve error page(unknown error),is there any point that i miss?