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SPFeature Explorer

This winform application is intended to be used by developers to help identifying where a given feature is
activated accross the farm.

As many developers know, when forcing a feature uninstallation, files & objects activated by the
feature remain within SharePoint. The best way to make sure you clean the system entirely is to
deactivate the feature and let the system and the feature receivers getting rid of the files.

SharePoint won't let you uninstall a feature that's still active (unless using -force flag) and won't tell you where this feature
is used. The purpose of this tool is to locate where this feature is used in a very fast an easy

On top of that, the tool helps also identifying all the invalid features remaining on the system. Usually
invalid features are due to missing/corrupted xml files in the 12 hive.

You should be logged in as farm administrator to make sure you can manage all the features (farm, webapps etc...) without
encountering any security problem.


Here are a few screenshots illustrating the tool :

Missing / Invalid features :

The tool helps you finding the invalid features, you can also remove them with a contextual menu.

Web/Site/Farm/WebApplication features :

The tool shows you all the features in the farm. In this screenshot, features having a scope of "Web" are shown. Black circles pictures are used to identify hidden features while white circles represent visible features. A panel in the right gives you information such as the feature GUID, solution ID, receivers and feature dependencies

The panel at the bottom shows you all the locations (in this case SPWeb objects) where the selected feature is currently active. You can also deactivate a feature by clicking an entry of that listbox via the contextual menu.

Site collection features :
You can easily see where a site collection feature is active, either by chosing an application from the dropdown list either by specifying all applications.

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