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SP Forms Designer and Help Desk Template

Jun 5, 2009 at 3:48 PM


i installed the HelpDesk template of the Fantastic 40 and would like to modify the forms within the template.

So I thought it is a good idea to use the SP Forms Designer, but unfortunately i can not find a way to use it.

I installed the SharePoint Forms Designer Entire Farm Solution package but there is no entry under the actions menu.


Any ideas?


Thanks a lot


Jun 5, 2009 at 5:57 PM


Did you activate the site collection feature because the custom action shows up only if you activate it.

Best Regards



Jun 5, 2009 at 7:25 PM


After verification it's normal you don't see the option in the actions menu. This is because the help desk template uses custom list definitions not handled by the Forms Designer.

What you can do is to re-download the package (because it has been updated) and add a few new <customaction> nodes in the customactions.xml file to support the list ids 7150, 7151 etc...You can see what are the list ids of the help desk site def here :


<ListInstance FeatureId="00BFEA71-E717-4E80-AA17-D0C71B360101"  TemplateType="101" Title="$Resources:hlpdsk,apppages;"
                Url="$Resources:hlpdsk,AppPagesFolder;" OnQuickLaunch="FALSE"/>
  <!-- Announcements -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="00BFEA71-D1CE-42de-9C63-A44004CE0104" TemplateType="104" Title="$Resources:core,announceList;"
                Url="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;/$Resources:core,announce_Folder;" OnQuickLaunch="FALSE">
  <!-- HelpDesk Tasks -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="75A0FEA7-3B2A-4838-8A0C-57BA864FEED3" TemplateType="107" Title="$Resources:hlpdsk,ListNameHelpDeskTasks;"
                Url="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;/helptasks" OnQuickLaunch="FALSE"/>
  <!-- Links -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="00BFEA71-2062-426C-90BF-714C59600103" TemplateType="103" Title="$Resources:core,linksList;"
                Url="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;/$Resources:core,links_Folder;" OnQuickLaunch="FALSE" >
  <!-- ** TSA Lists ** -->
  <!-- Keywords List -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="75A0FEA7-12FE-4cad-A1B2-525FA776C07E" TemplateType="1011" Title="$Resources:tsa,keywordslist_Title;"
                Url="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;/keywords" OnQuickLaunch="FALSE">   
  <!-- Knowledge Base List -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="75A0FEA7-D31D-491a-9177-F0E461A81E3F" TemplateType="1010" Title="$Resources:tsa,kbase_Title;"
                Url="Knowledge Base" OnQuickLaunch="TRUE" />
  <!-- Service Request List -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="75A0FEA7-FE9D-4119-9615-2C2EF22D6FDB" TemplateType="7151" Title="$Resources:hlpdsk,servicerequestList;"
                Url="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;/$Resources:hlpdsk,servicerequest_folder;" OnQuickLaunch="TRUE"/>
  <!-- FAQ List -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="75A0FEA7-70E3-40b1-B395-C06F85D0D158" TemplateType="7150" Title="$Resources:hlpdsk,supportfaq;"
                Url="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;/$Resources:hlpdsk,supportfaq_Folder;" OnQuickLaunch="TRUE"/>
  <!-- Experts List-->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="75A0FEA7-E63B-4059-8F5A-CE9CBBADAD2A" TemplateType="7153" Title="$Resources:hlpdsk,expertsList;"
                Url="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;/$Resources:hlpdsk,experts_folder;" OnQuickLaunch="FALSE"/>
  <!-- Workflow List -->
  <ListInstance FeatureId="00BFEA71-F600-43F6-A895-40C0DE7B0117" TemplateType="117"
                Title="Workflows" Url="Workflows">


Hope this helps.

Jun 6, 2009 at 12:55 PM


sounds great.
Thanks a lot.

After i installed the new package, where can I find the customactions.xml file?

Best regards

Jun 6, 2009 at 1:35 PM


The best thing would be that you donwload the source code, than you open the solution. You'll see the customactions.xml file under 12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\SPFormsDesigner\ and there you add the required <customaction> tags as for the other registered lists for your IDs.

Then you just rebuild the solution package using WSPBUILDER (available on CodePlex) and than you just run a stsadm -o upgradesolution -name <solution name> -filename <path to the solution file> -allowgacdeployment -immediate.

Afterwards just de-activate and re-activate the site collection feature and you'll be fine.

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Jun 8, 2009 at 10:20 AM


thanks again.

I downloaded and installed the new package without rebuild an own version.
I only modified the customactions.xml under 12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\SPFormsDesigner\ on the server
and it worked fine.

Best Regards

Jun 8, 2009 at 10:24 AM

Hi Joe,

Ok fine. The only problem when you do like that is that the day you want to install the package in a farm having multilpe web front-ends (which is almost always the case), you'll run in trouble because you'll need to update the file manually on each front-end web server.


Best Regards