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codeplex rating basket

Sep 22, 2011 at 5:49 PM


I have managed to install it. However it is not working fully.

When I open a document I have two webparts to add "Rating System - Show Ratings". And another one to rate pages.
The second one, to rate the pages work. When I put it in a page ,many people can rate and this gets saved (including comments).
However the first one (Rating System - Show Ratings) does not show or do anything.

In addition, when I go to the list view. I have added the column to see the ratings (next to the rest of the metadata), but that column does not show anything. It is empty, no matter what we rate on any or all of the documents.

Finally, when I go to the configuration of the list. There is a new link on the general configuration of the list. It says it is for viewing the votes. If we click on it we get the following:
"This list isn't ratable since it is not supported by the rating system! "

any idea what are we doing wrong?


Many thanks,