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Solution can not be deployed! Help!

Jul 7, 2011 at 2:59 PM



I've installed the solution at the first time, and everything were working fine.

Soo, I openned the source, made some changes, saved and created a new wsp.

When trying to install the SPToolBasket again, I got the error.


The solution can not be deployed.  The feature 'a8075a8d-01c1-4315-83ee-4737576a2c81' uses the directory "RatingResources" in the solution. However, it is currently installed in the farm to the directory "SPToolBasketResources". Uninstall the existing feature before you install a new version of the solution.

Does anyone have an idea? 

I tryed to remove the solution from the farm and add it again. Didn't worked.


Thank you.