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Where Ratings & Comments are stored?

Jun 10, 2011 at 1:56 PM


I have a document link present in my .Net application. This document is primarily stored in sharepoint where we have impemented the rating mechanism using SharePoint Tool Basket. Now we want to display "Rate the document" link button next to document link in the .net application. When the user selects some valueand hits the save button, we want the value to get stored in the document library where the document is actually residing. It'slikeproviding rating feature frm sharepoint as well frm .net application. So if you can help to achieve this, it will be really helpful? If notatleast if you can let me know where the ratings and comments are stored so that I can try to access them from .net using WebService. It's kind of very critical for me to achieve this functinality. So any helpor suggestions would be appreciated.