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I have written a SharePoint Add-In (June 2015) that performs Auto-Tagging in a smart way. You can find it here:


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SharePoint Tool Basket for SharePoint 2010 :

Note that the rating system is now available for SharePoint 2010, click on the above link to get it!

My Blog :

Project Description
This project regroups other projects to propose a set of tools for SharePoint. Features such as SharePoint Document Rating, Form Designer, Ajax enabled lookup field are available. Note that 2 webcasts showing how to get started are available (Downloads =>2 last links)

Important Note
All you need to know about the solutions can be found in the manuals :

SharePoint content rating :
SharePoint Tool Basket :

Latest updates : 09/2009:

Content rating solution

Comment approval

You can now enable the approval of user comments when they comment pages, documents etc..You can enable approval on pages, documents, lists or on everything. Moreover, moderators can be warned using SharePoint tasks lists.

Here are a few screenshots illustrating the comment approval feature :


Page rating webpart

The overall look & feel has been enhanced. Site owners can now apply corner effects, background-colours, specify a maximum length for the comments etc...Explanations are given in the manual on how you can apply your own custom CSS

Here are a few screenshots illustrating the enhancements brought to the page rating webpart :


Rating Reports

The reports now include the user comments and the status of a comment (approved/not approved)

Previous updates : 08/2009:

New feature to hide menu items from the actions menu :

This feature can be particularly interesting to disable the datasheet mode of one or more lists and is a good alternative to some tedious javascript techniques that make the datasheet view link disappearing while not preventing it totally in case users type the URL directly in the browser.

(see here for more details)

Content Rating Solution :

Improvements :

- The page rating webpart now shows a "Your rating has been taken into account" message after a user has applied his rating
- The comment area of the page rating webpart now shows a message explaining the users how they can add comments
- As asked many times, the user comments are now included in all the available reports (page rating, web ratings, site collection ratings...) and can be exported to spreadsheets

Bug fixing :

The resource files are now deployed using a timer job instead of just a feature to make sure they are deployed on all the WFE servers.

However, the way to deploy them remains the same, just activate the application feature for the application(s) of your choice.
Alternatively you can also run stsadm -o copyappbincontent on each WFE to deploy the resource files.

Don't forget to read the updated manuals to see how to install/upgrade the solution.

Previous Update :
- New "Show Ratings" webpart showing all the ratings of a given site/site collection
- New site collection report
- Using rating comments with blogs is now possible
- Custom stsadm rating commands have been added to ease the activation/deactivation of the rating features and to collect some rating reports accross webs/site collections/web applications
- Bug fixing in both Forms Designer and the rating solution
- The rating manual has been updated, make sure to download it

two webcasts are available in the "downloads" tab (the 2 last links). They illustrate how to get started with the content rating solution.

This release comprises a new version of the document rating system for MOSS including a search module & a workflow. The SharePointToolBasket for MOSS solution has been updated to include the new rating module too:

SharePoint Document Rating for WSS
- custom lists, document libraries, picture libraries, issue lists, calendars, links
- discussion boards
- pages.
- Blog posts
- Moderator module
- Many reports (page/list/web/site collection) are available through the UI and some of them through custom stsadm commands
- A "Show Ratings" webpart inspired from Jan Tielen's "What's new" webpart but targetting ratings only.
- The system also contains a site definition and is now available in English, French & Dutch

SharePoint Document Rating for MOSS
- Contains the same features than WSS plus
- Search module : users can rate directly from the search results page
- A "Collect Rating" workflow : users can ask others to rate documents/items etc..via a workflow
- A specific page layout including a page rating control
- A rating policy allowing you to rate wiki pages, knowledge base etc...You can apply it on any page library.

Note : MOSS users, make sure to download the MOSS versions which are SharePoint Tool Basket MOSS Solution, SharePoint Tool Basket MOSS Source, SharePoint Document Rating System MOSS Source, SharePoint Document Rating System MOSS ONLY Solution

Check out the manual that's available in the "Dowloads" tab for more info!



Available tools :
SharePoint - Hide actions menu items : A SharePoint solution allowing you to easily hide/show menu items from the Actions menu such as the datasheet view

SharePoint - SPForms Designer : A SharePoint solution allowing you to easily customize the new/edit/display forms associated with lists.

SharePoint Tool Basket MOSS Solution : all the solutions described below + the rating system packaged into a single solution. Do not install it if you have already installed one of the below solutions previously because the solution deployment would fail. If you want to install it, first remove any previsouly installed solution of the below list.

SharePoint - SPFeature Explorer : A windows application allowing developers to easily identify all the features installed in the farm and where they are active.

SharePoint - SPContentType Explorer : A SharePoint application page that's very similar to the standard content type pages but that allows you to see where a content type is used accross an entire site collection

SharePoint - Autocomplete lookup field with AJAX : An AJAX-Enabled SharePoint custom lookup field allowing users to benefit from the advantages of standard lookup fields with the rapidity of AJAX. Note that this solution doesn't require the AJAX extensions nor the .NET framework 3.5 to work. It works on both WSS & MOSS pre and post SP1

SharePoint - List Columns Manager : A SharePoint feature allowing site collection administrators to manage the columns of a list (set them in read-only, hide them, set them visible/invisible in the edit/new/display forms) and to visualize the list's associated event handlers and the CAML of each associated view

SharePoint - Audience to Groups convertor : A SharePoint webpart allowing site collection administrators to create SharePoint groups based on SharePoint audiences and to maintain an automatic synchronization . : A set of useful PowerShell scripts that make life of IT & Developers easier

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